Berbers- People of High Atlas

Nomads have always got my attention. They are the ones who live the fullest in the most minimalist way. I had my first encounter with nomadic folks in Leh region of India, the tribe is called as Changpa nomads, they are spread across the Tibetian plateau region of central Asia. This encounter made me think of starting a project which will document them, their way of living, their culture, and beyond.

In due course of time, nomads for the sake of better life or pressure from the society are settling to the nearby villages. In last some decades, the numbers of nomads have drastically reduced, and in some years, ill not be surprised; some of these tribes to entirely vanish. This is a huge reason for us to come forward and document them in the chapter of history.

So as the next steps, I started doing the research to cover different tribes of nomads across the world, and I picked Morocco as my first stop. I was lucky to get Darren Lewey, who is based out of Morocco for the last 9 years and knows exactly what I was looking for, and in the next two months, I was with him in the High Atlas region of Morocco documenting Berbers, the ethnic tribe of north Africa.

Some context on Berbers they are a nomadic tribe that lives in North Africa, mostly in countries like Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Tunisia & some parts of Mali and Niger. They go back in history more than 5000 years witnessing pre-roman era, Romans, Byzantines, ottomans, and then French. Traditionally men of the family take care of the livestock, and women weave the tapestry to earn a living.

I am back to Morocco in April (with Darren) this year to cover more and will write further.